Koro begins.

For technology it's time to learn from the heart.

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It did not take long. Giorgio and Paolo, a rainy summer night in 2013, an outdoor party. Those guys soon understood that beer thinned with rain was as good as a muddy puddle and that consumer electronics had just taken a bind. Half of the people at the party owned a smartphone, a tablet, a PC and a laptop togheter.

4 devices, 4 computers. 4 hard disks, 4 separated OS, 4 SW licenses, 4 copies of everything, 4 user accounts… all this just for have… 4 shapes of display.

It did not take long. In a few minutes it became clear to those two bold guys that, in order to have something different and a new way of looking at things, all they had to do was to look at the best machine in the world, always synced, precise, efficient and unique: the heart. Well, for technology, it’s time to learn from the heart.

The team

Paolo Dino Oddone

Paolo Dino Oddone

Cofounder, CEO, screwdriver addicted

Giorgio Mondino

Giorgio Mondino

Cofounder, Lead Artist, designer

Andrea Coletti

Andrea Coletti

CFO, business developer.

Koro, more than a great product, a starting point

One device...
...Million displays.

We’re just at the beggining of a long journey. The vision behind our work is to cover the planet with displays, not PCs and to open infinite windows to your world.

Here’s the question: why do we insistently duplicate contents and containers even if it’s not needed?

One day everyone will have his own Koro on him. It will be everything we need: a database, a universal key, a PC. Every thing will be a means, through which we’ll find our digital world, our Koro. every display will be a PC, every appliance will be smart, every car will be a complete infotainment. It’s not all. With Koro we will finally realize creative solutions which have always been impossible until now.


Display size will no longer be influenced by HW architecture and battery and HW will no longer be influenced by battery and display. A 5″ touch display will be just a 5″ touch display. A flexible display will be actually flexible. everything will return to be itself. Limitless is the right word. We’re opening the doors of a new world of things.

tables, shopping carts, entire walls…

…AMOLED, e-ink, laser, VR, 3D, holo, liquid, flexible…

…Clothes, bags, glasses, fridges, windows…

Any ideas?