This is Koro.

A powerful, fully functional computer.

Plug it into the power line.

Congratulations! You've just setup an entire network. As simple as pushing a button.

Drag me into the plug

This is your display.

A dumb display.

Plug it into the same power line.

Thanks to Koro your hdmi or VGA monitors come to life like real PCs. No need for extra wires.

This is your TV.

A not-that-smart-TV.

Plug it in.

Good! Here's your smart media center. Control it with your smartphone and enjoy your favourite contents and games.

And at work?

Plenty of monitors, keyboards and mice...

You already know what to do, don't you?

Every display, every recent or obsolete PC will be brand-spanking new. Faster, more effective and sincronized just like a swiss watch.

These are your home appliances.

I know you don't have a "smart" fridge, don't try to be cool...

Come on, Just do it.

Everything become smart with Koro. You just have to plug in. No, don't try to plug yourself in, unless you're looking for an electrifying experience Z-)

And finally your mobile devices.

Tablets, smartphones, laptops.

Plug them into the... ;-) just kidding: they are wireless!

Use them as remote controls, browse your files, watch movies. Take a Sneak peek at everything which is connected in a seamless experience between PCs and lightbulbs.