Just plug it in
No setup required


Every thing is just a plug away

You only have to connect Koro to your home plug. He will do the job for you.


This is mano

Mano is our adapter. Plug it wherever at home or in the office.



Connect Mano to the HDMI or VGA port on your TV/display.



Now power your TV/display plugging it into Mano.


Here's the magic

Your display/TV becomes a fully functional PC, a media center, a gaming station.



Use bluetooth mouse and keyboard or your smartphone as a remote control.

Koro connects

Koro makes your devices smart, creating an intercommunication network and speaking a universal language. Home automation and IoT won't be just nice words.
Koro turns every display in a complete PC, but it can do more. It is a wifi router, a backup center, an application and file server. It's a hub, a "Homeputer".

A powerful,
fully functional

Inside Koro

Koro is equipped with the best technology in terms of speed, flexibility, power consumption and reliability. Under the hood you'll find the last Intel® core™ i7 family CPU along with 32GB di RAM and integrated Intel Graphics with 2GB dedicated memory. It will satisfy all your needs.

Koro and the cloud

Koro is the cloud computing fallen from the sky. Thanks to Koro using Dropbox or Google Drive will be an option, not a necessity. Choose what to upload to the cloud and keep the rest with you with no security issues. Both will be on tap.

Universal speaking

Koro is compatible with every OS. What it does is to simplify tech stuff solving daily problems. We believe in cooperation, in openness, in open source. They say it's true improvement should everyone take advantage.


Koro has a lightning fast Internal 250 GB SSD that ignites his performance making it a thunderbolt compared to normal PCs. In addition he can be equipped with 2 x 1 TB raid storage disk.

The best OS, adaptive interface

Koro OS is simple, ultralight and powerful. It's based on UBUNTU, the most affordable and widespread linux distribution. Its brand new interface is conceived to perfectly fit in every situation. Form HD TV to mobile devices, Koro will always give the best, even if you have a round display.


Do you love videogame as much as we do? Koro comes with SteamOS preinstalled so you can play your favourite games everywhere. Koro can play MS Windows and Android Games too without having to buy any addictional license (yes... it's legal).

One device, million displays.


Cash register, PLC/CNC machines, industrial fridges, antitheft systems... Koro can join them in a unique network letting you control everything, everywhere. Can you believe that?

Home automation

Smart things can of course be understood and communicates with Koro. What about dumb things? wherever you place a NIC, an IP address, you will turn that thing into a branch reachable by Koro. A wall switch, a rolling shutter or a lightbulb for example.


One of the natural places for Koro is the office. Not only workstations, but also printers, cutters, plotters, projectors, vidiwall and whatever else comes to mind. Remember all those embarassing moments, trying to show your great work to your customers, with your brand new projector on your snow white wall and... (fill with your own experience)? Well, Koro makes every thing easier.

At friends

You can access your files and apps wherever you are, even at a friend's home. You're friends will be so glad to know that, despite their attempt to avoid the petabyte of your holiday pics, hosting dinner at their place, they have failed. Damned Koro!!!


Here's the fun. Koro is the first step for a new vision. Imagine finding a display or a generic I/O device in a shop, let me say in a discount store for example. Imagine the local hardware and architecture of this device being custom made for the local purpose and imagine it communicating with your mobile Koro creating a new experience in every place. This is cool!

In your car

Car is a second home for many people and for us too. Wouldn't it be great to have your media, docs, apps on your car display just as you're at home or in the office? Well, that's what you will get from Koro.


Not only everything. Non only everywhere. Koro gives shape, color, sound and content to every type of display. For example? Imagine a picture on the wall made of e-paper; a bracelet or a bag colored in e-ink; flexible, transparent, liquid displays. Aaah, finally! That's great.


whether you are in a cafè or on the top of the world you deserve to have the best experience ever. Koro makes this dream comes true. Smartphones, tablet, PC, laptop, smartwatch are great things, but can you always take all of them with you? No? With Koro everything will be as one, in the shape that best fits the moment. Koro will be a part of you.